Empower your students with words like

“Please” & “Thank-You”

in an ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of presentations!

Guaranteed to create confidence, empathy and respect.

Here’s how it works…

At the beginning of the school year, you’ll get a full 45-minute POWER WORDS assembly for the entire school.  We’ll even split the grades if needed (one for the younger group, and one for the older students.)

It’s an Anti-Bully Show without ever using the word “Bully”!  The show uses magic, music and complete craziness to create an unforgettable assembly.

Please * Thank-You * I’m Sorry *  I Forgive You * I Understand * Great Job * I Can * Hello

Let’s face it.  These words aren’t used enough by our young people.  These are the words that open doors at school and in life.

This assembly was created with the message first.  The magic is used to create memorable visual “cues”.  They’re learning without even knowing it!

The Assembly teaches that the Words You Use ARE Important!



Each visit, we’ll perform a 5-7 minute “Mini-Show” for each class reinforcing the power of each word (Mini-Shows are adjusted to make them age appropriate for each class).  That’s seven separate visits.  That’s seven different fun reminders to your students. You’ll be amazed at how much the kids retain – because of the memories that magic creates!

 Students can’t wait for the next visit.*

Finally, at the end of the school year, your students are treated to


It’s the final piece of the puzzle!

Since your students have been working so hard throughout the year to use their POWER WORDS, they deserve an award.  And here it is.  Another hilarious FULL 45-MINUTE AWARD ASSEMBLY.

They’ll be recognized in front of their peers and their parents (or grand parents or whoever brings them).

Yes, it’s a magic show.  Yes, it’s fun. Yes, it reinforces the Power Words they’ve been working on.  And yes, it recognizes key students during the assembly.

What a great way to end the school year!

So let’s recap…

  • YOU GET The Full 45-Minute Power Words Assembly (two if needed)
  • YOU GET Seven full days of age appropriate “Mini Shows” for each class
  • YOU GET A final Magical Awards Assembly reinforcing the Power Words (two if needed)
  • And most importantly, YOU GET Students that are inspired to use these Power Words.

This entire program focuses on creating confidence, respect, and empathy in children. You’ll see a difference in them as they start to focus more on not only what they say, but how they say it.

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