August Student of the Month

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Student of the month this month is Awesome Aneesah!

Aneesah graduated from the Purple Wand Course.

Student of the month Profile – Miss Aneesah

  •  Magic Name: Awesome Aneesah
  • Course Completed: Purple Wand
  • Favorite Trick from Course: Mind Trip & Appearing Straw
  • Aneesah loves Animals.  When she grows up she’d love to work at a Zoo.  Her favorite color is purple just like the wand.  She enjoys doing tricks on family. (April Fools Day she’ll be on a roll She loves spreading kindness & helping others.  Aneesah is a Dodgers baseball fanatic & loves the Sandlot movie. Her favorite band at the moment is Jonas Brothers. Her favorite toys are Littlest Pet Shop. She crafts and creates her own furniture, food and more for her toys.  Plus, she loves to read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books.

Miss Aneesah was great to have in class!  She was always PREPARED with the magic trick of the day.  Always with a great attitude.  She was a superstar in the “End of the Course” magic show.

Truly a giant asset to our summer camp!

School of Astonishment is PROUD to call Aneesah a graduate.  I just know she’s going to go on to do BIG THINGS.  She really is Awesome!

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