Orange County’s Must-See Elementary School Assembly


– Roger E. Minkle, Ph.D. – Associate Principal – St. Jeanne De Lestannac School

Affordable, Amazing & Guaranteed to Educate & Inspire!

The Bully Game is a nonstop, action packed, high energy assembly program designed to prevent bullying, repel peer pressure and improve the overall school experience.  And best of all, IT’S TRULY A GAME SHOW.  Your students are the contestants, the entire audience is involved and everyone learns valuable lessons about preventing bullying.

Comedy, Magic, and Mayhem

Through COMEDY, MAGIC, and a bit of MAYHEM, your students will learn…

  • The difference between friendly Joking and not-so-friendly Taunting
  • How gossip works and why it’s such a monster
  • When’s a good time to “Tell” and when it’s simply “Tattling”
  • How to be a good “Upstander” (not just a bystander)
  • When and how to use assertive words to repel the bully
  • How to keep their own self respect, even when things go badly, and…
  • How we can all work together to prevent this problem!

The Easiest Assembly Ever

Along with an amazing school assembly, you’ll get a:

  • FREE Promotional Poster to advertise your event live and on Social Media
  • FREE Press Release to send to your local paper or internet blog
  • FREE Flyer to be sent home with to your students
  • And so much more…

Contact Now For More Info

I am lucky enough to be performing over 40 shows a month, every month out of the year.  As you can imagine, times and dates fill up very quickly.  Simply pick up the phone right now and call 833-YAY-KIDS (833-929-5437) or fill out the contact form below, and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for your area.  Why not do it right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.  You’ll be glad you did!

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