Empower your students with words like “Please” & “Thank-You” in an entire year’s worth of presentations.

(Can be done VIRTUALLY or LIVE)

It’s the perfect way to get rid of bullying at your school!”

Mrs. Francisco – Pacific Drive Elementary

Are you looking for a program that lasts THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR?  One that teaches your students to treat each other with respect?  One that requires absolutely no work from you or your teachers or staff?


Here’s how it works…

At the beginning of the school year, you’ll get a full 45-minute POWER WORDS assembly for the entire school.  We’ll even split the grades if needed (one for the younger group, and one for the older students.)

(Click HERE to See the description for the POWER WORDS assembly)



Each month we’ll visit your school.  Each visit, we’ll perform a 5-7 minute “Mini-Show” for each class reinforcing the power of each word (Mini-Shows are adjusted to make them age appropriate for each class).  That’s seven separate visits.  That’s seven different fun reminders to your students. You’ll be amazed at how much the kids retain – because of the memories that magic creates!

Students can’t wait for the next visit.

Finally, at the end of the school year, your students are treated to…


It’s the final piece to the puzzle!

Since your students have been working so hard throughout the year to use their POWER WORDS, they deserve an award.  And here it is.  Another hilarious FULL 45-MINUTE AWARD ASSEMBLY.

They’ll be recognized in front of their peers and their parents (or grand parents or whoever brings them).

Yes, it’s a magic show.  Yes, it’s fun. Yes, it reinforces the Power Words they’ve been working on.  And yes, it recognizes key students during the assembly.

What a great way to end the school year!

“THANK YOU for making a difference in students’ lives!”

Caroline Kim, Salk School

Plus, you’ll get these great bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Top Secret File Folders

You’ll have the option of supplying your students with professional TOP SECRET FILE FOLDERS.  Each Top Secret File Folder reinforces the Power Words in a fun way and has magic tricks they can do at home. It even has a Power Up Chart so kids can keep track of the Power Words they use and “Power Up!” Students love ‘em!  A great companion for the assembly.  Something your students can hold in their hand and create lots of Off-Line experiences.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

And you’ll get 50 Top Secret File Folders for FREE!

Bonus #2 – Free Workshop

After the show, 50 Lucky Students will get a 15-25 minute WORKSHOP, with John Abrams teaching them a trick done during the show.  They’ll have a magic trick they can do anytime, anywhere.  Children LOVE working hands-on.

We make it super easy.  When you book, you’ll receive a quick list of 3 items that students can find around the house.  They’ll use these items to create a magic trick THEY CAN DO.  This time is priceless!

Bonus #3 – The Teacher’s Guide

As soon as you book, you’ll receive a TEACHER’S GUIDE with puzzles and other tools that help with each concept.   You’ll be able to forward this to them right away.  It’s a great companion for the teachers after the assembly!

Bonus #4 – Digital Promo Poster to Promote Your Event

As soon as you book the assembly, we’ll send you a digital poster that you can use for your website and any social media you may have.

Bonus #5 – A Huge Value

Right after we book, you’ll receive a free report “28 Great Ideas to Bully-Proof Your School”.  You won’t have to do all the ideas in the report.  In fact, you don’t have to do any.  But at least you’ll have all the information at your fingertips in case you want to get right to work.

So let’s recap the entire POWER PACKAGE…

  • YOU GET The Full 45-Minute Power Words Assembly (two if needed) and everything that comes with the assembly
  • YOU GET Seven full days of age appropriate “Mini Shows” for each class
  • YOU GET A final Magical Awards Assembly reinforcing the Power Words (two if needed)
    • YOU GET The Priceless Magic Workshop
    • YOU GET The Teacher’s Guide
    • YOU GET The Digital Poster promoting the event
    • YOU GET The Free Report “28 Great Ideas to Bully-Proof Your School”And most importantly, YOU GET Students that are inspired to use these Power Words.

This entire program focuses on creating confidence, respect, and empathy in children. You’ll see a difference in them as they start to focus more on not only what they say, but how they say it.