Student of the month this month is Luminous Lucas!

Lucas graduated from the Green Wand Course, but has also taken the Purple Wand Summer Camp.  And next week starts the Orange Wand Course.  Whew!

Student of the month Profile – Mr. Lucas

  •  Magic Name: Luminous Lucas
  • Courses Completed: Green & Purple Wand
  • Favorite Trick from one of the Courses: 3 Ring Binder
  • Lucas loves playing the ukulele and watching Magic Camp.  He speaks 4 different languages and loves drawing dragons.  He wants to be a magician growing up and says “I love performing magic because it makes people happy!”

Luminous was a joy to have in class!  He brings lighthearted fun every time.  Always ready to perform a trick from the previous lesson,  his magic practice shines through.  Was truly a superstar in our Finale’!

Excited about having Lucas in our newest Orange Wand Course.

 School of Astonishment is PROUD to call Lucas a graduate.  You’re on your way to becoming a GREAT magician!

You too can learn magic!