FREE On-Line Magic Workshop for Children 7-13

It’s Fun.  It’s On-line.  It’s FREE.  And gives you a break form the insanity of this COVID-19 thingy!

Hey Parents…

GOOD NEWS – if you’re looking for something FUN and PRODUCTIVE for your kids to do while school is out – then you’ve come to the right place.

The WOW workshop is an INTERACTIVE Online Magic Course that helps children develop some awesome social skills during this time of social distancing.

Not only will YOU be entertained, but your child will learn skills that will impact the rest of their life!

If this interests you, then I’d love to invite you and your children to join me for a FREE online magic workshop.

In this single WOW Workshop I’ll teach 3 really cool magic tricks with things that you can easily find around the house.

Remember this LIVE workshop is FREE and I only have a limited number of spots available.  If you would like to join the fun and learning, simply register below and I’ll send you a special invitation along with a list of a couple of items to grab from around the house.