“Affordable, Amazing & Guaranteed to Educate & Inspire!”

Each assembly comes with the School of Astonishment 100% Money Back Guaranteed!  If you, your students and your staff are not completely satisfied with the assembly and all the follow up material, then you get your money back.  No questions asked!

(All Assemblies were created by John Abrams – Creator of the critically acclaimed assemblies “The Bully Game” & “Animal Magic”in conjunction with Discover Magic)

What is Magic?”

(Learn From Some of The Top Minds in The World!)

This program was designed with the STEM/STEAM concepts first!  Magic is Science.  Magic Is Tech.  Magic is Engineering & Magic is Math. (Magic is also Art.  Yes, this is an option)

What kind of careers can you have with STEM?  Who are the Super-Heroes of STEM?  Why are we even studying this anyway?  All of these question are answered in this spectacular assembly.  Plus you’ll get these 3 special bonuses READ MORE…

“The W.O.W. Workshop”

(Perfectly Priced for Classrooms & Small Groups)

GOOD NEWS – if you’re looking for something FUN and PRODUCTIVE for your students to do – something to break-up the day or even a reward for being sooooo good – then you’ve come to the right place.

Not only will YOU be entertained, but your students will learn skills that will impact the rest of their life!

Your students will learn 3 really cool magic tricks with things that you can easily find around the house.  Plus be inspired to practice for hours on end Off-LineREAD MORE…

“Power Words”

 (Can be done as an ASSEMBLY or An ENTIRE YEAR of presentations)

It’s the Anti-Bully program WITHOUT USING THE WORD “BULLY”!  Available as a a single assembly OR an entire year of presentions.  The full school year program starts with a Power Assembly, has monthy reminders of kindness, and ends with an amazing Family Fun Night reward assembly!

Empower your students with words like “Please, Thank-You, I’m Sorry, I Forgive You, I Understand, I Can” and more.  This truly is the power package.