Congratulations on Enrolling Your Child in School of Astonishment!

(Please read this entire page.  Even bookmark it if you like.
It has lots of ideas to help your child succeed)

We are excited for the magic adventure that awaits your child!

It’s very likely that you will get to see your very own magic show after each class. How exciting!

In preparation of this, we would like to offer a little tip…

You are almost always the first people to see the magic trick we just learned in
class. Meaning, sometimes the trick may need a few practices to get it “just right”. (You
may even work out how the trick is done…but shhhhh!)

Kids want to amaze and delight their parents the most! Whenever you see them do a
trick the first time, we encourage you to give them a big “WOW” and lots of positive
reinforcement to motivate them to keep performing & practicing.

If your child needs any help with the trick, it’s best to send them to our Magic Video
Vault to watch the trick and teaching again.

These classes are all about giving kids:
– The confidence to perform/speak in front of others
– Provide others with joy
– Think creatively
– Learn to see themselves and what they do empathetically, through others eyes
…all while having extraordinary fun along the way!

These are our key learning outcomes, and the magic tricks are an awesome vehicle for
children to achieve them.


In the first class your child will receive a bag to keep their materials. Your child should bring the bag with all the materials each day. Every class they will receive materials for one or two TRICKS and one or two FILE FOLDERS (depending on the curriculum of the day).

The tricks provided include detailed instructions on how to perform the magic along with a script. The file folders include additional tricks, but without a detailed script. This gives the students a chance to be creative. Also, in the file folder, is that day’s CHARACTER TRAIT OF A TRUE MAGICIAN (Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving)

Please encourage your student to keep up with and take care of their materials. All materials come from the Discover Magic fulfillment center and I am unable to order individual parts or pieces. Occasionally we may be able to replace an item, for a fee, if it is available at that time.


We will be taking photos to share on social media and our website that show how engaging the classes are and how much fun the students have. Student names WILL NOT be posted. Should you prefer not to have photos/videos of your student posted, please let us know.

We can’t wait for the rest of our classes together!
Enjoy the magic!