End of School Year Parties!  Family Fun Nights! Reward Programs! Summer Reading Programs!

  When You Want the Focus on FUN!

The Only Magic Show in Southern California Where Everybody’s a WINNER!

Exactly what the title says.  It’s FUN.  It’s GAMES.  It’s MAGIC!

(All Ages)


Are you tired of seeing assemblies and family fun nights where the kids are entertained, but the parents and teachers are bored to tears, plucking away at their cell phone?

WELL DO I HAVE THE SHOW FOR YOU!  Nothing is more engaging then games that include the entire audience.  Games that have a magical spin.  Fun involving EVERYBODY!

  • Kids VS. Parent
  • Magic that keeps ALL of the Audience Guessing
  • Mind Reading that boggles the brain
  • And a kicker ending that’ll leave everyone asking for more!


This is, by far, John’s most popular program.

Don’t miss out on the assembly talked about at schools all over every Southern California School District!

Schedule the Fun & Games & Magic today!

Comes with the School of Astonishment

Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee!

“Everyone thinks I’m a Rock Star and I didn’t even do any of the work!”

Tricia Rasplica – PTA President – Rosedell Elementary

“The BEST assembly we’ve ever had. It was great! I’m so happy!”

Lisa Campbell – PTA – Katherine Elementary

Our kids can’t stop talking about it! Your show was incredibly funny!

Stephanie LeCompte, Creative Beginnings

Very energetic and fun, really GREAT TO WORK WITH… he’s a brilliant magician!

Karalen Hippen, Linwood Elementary, Culver City