The Show Must Go On

Here’s the free magic tricks that I promised!

Make sure to have the materials ready when you watch each video.  There’s one rule and one rule only:  HAVE FUN!

Anti-Gravity Dollar

Have this ready: A Dollar Bill & A Quarter

You’ll know how to:  Balance a dollar bill on one finger right in front of you audience’s eyes.

Boomerang Aces

Have this ready:  A Deck of Cards

You’ll know how to: Make All Four Aces Magically Appear at the Top of the Deck.

Magic Telescope

Have this ready:  Toilet Paper Roll

You’ll know how to: Look right through your hand.  And teach a friend!

BONUS TRICK: Superstar

Have this ready:  Piece of Paper & Scissors (ask a grown-up to help if needed)

You’ll know how to: Create a Star with just ONE Cut of the Paper

Learn Even More Magic: