June Student of the Month

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Student of the month this month is Haley Zidailly!

Haley graduated from the Purple Wand Course.

Student  of the month Profile – Miss Zidailly

  •  Magic Name: Haley Zidailly
  • Course Completed: Purple Wand
  • Favorite Trick from Course: Mind Trip
  • Haley Zidailly loves her magic class, her favorite animal is a sloth, favorite color is purple and she loves dogs!

Miss Zidailly was a pleasure to have in class.  Super smart!  She even knew how some of the tricks were done even before they were done.

Her smiley attitude shown through even on the toughest days.  A great student and going to be a terrific magician.


School of Astonishment is PROUD to have Haley as a student.

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